Hunting Pride Kilt Hunting Pride Kilt Hunting Pride Kilt Hunting Pride Kilt Hunting Pride Kilt

Hunting Pride Kilt

Hand-stitched mediumweight kilt


Quality Hunting Pride hand made kilts made by experienced kilt makers based in Scotland.

Traditional 8 Yard Kilt, The kilt is hand pleated and stitched Medium Weight 13oz Worsted wool.

Options for Heavy Weight 16oz cloth and machine stitching are available below (See Details).

Due to higher demand during wedding season, we currently ask you allow up to 13-14 weeks.

The kilt is generally a made to measure garment made (standard size) from 8yds of cloth. The cloth is 54” wide and is generally cut down the middle and joined. The 8yds of cloth ensures swing, depth and number of pleats (generally 27 pleats on a standard kilt). If the customer is larger an extra half-yard may be required. The price would increase to reflect this.

All our kilts include 3 buckles and black Italian lining as standard and are knife-edged and pleated to the sett unless otherwise requested.

Matching Flashes come complimentary with Kilt.

The kilt has now become the accepted alternative dress wear for formal occasions rather than a practical garment. It is most commonly worn at weddings and formal functions, and is acceptable on occasions where one would wear a dinner suit or tuxedo.

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